Basim Blunt

Youth Radio Producer

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Photography: Basim Blunt
My career started in college when I decided to become an AIDS Awareness activist. I wrote and produced a 30 second Public Service Announcement about called "Anyone Can Have Aids" it won first place in a national collegiate competition and was broadcast to over 300 radio and TV stations across the country. You may have heard it on the radio in the 90's.
After college, I landed me my first job in the Black Music A&R department at Capitol Records in New York. I worked behind the scenes for major recording acts like Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, Bebe and Cece Winans,  jazz pianist Elaine Elias , Brian McKnight and Young MC.

Basims Presentations

  1. More Than A Month Magazine
    More Than A Month Magazine
  2. BRE Magazine
    BRE Magazine
  3. Title 5
    Title 5
  4. Title 6
    Title 6
  5. The Dayton Voice Paper
    The Dayton Voice Paper

Basims Publications

  1. BRE Magazine
    BRE Magazine
  2. BRE Magazine
    BRE Magazine
  3. The Dayton Voice Paper
    The Dayton Voice Paper

My first radio job was the producer for a show called "Black Impact" on WROU-FM. I researched show topics and booked guests like Maya Angelou, Run DMC, Spike Lee, Vernon Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Usher.                                                                                                                                                                                                               I've also executed  promotions and produced media content for:

  • 91.3  WYSO-FM, Dayton Ohio
  • 107.3 Jamz, Greenville, South Carolina
  • The National Urban League
  • Ohio for Barak Obama  Campaign
  • 98.7 KISS FM, New York City
  • Source Magazine
  • CareSource Health